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  • 60 backlinks from profiles
  • secure link building
  • SEO Partner & Linkbuilding Agency
  • Backlinks with German texts
  • NoFollow & Dofollow link mix
  • Reporting after completion


SEO Backlinks I Search Engine Optimization I Linkbuilding I Link Building

You will receive 60 backlinks in this package. All links are created manually. Penguin & Panda secure links.

  • 60 backlinks from profiles
  • 100% White Hat Method
  • Backlinks with German texts
  • NoFollow & DoFollow Mix
  • Reporting after completion

After ordering, we need the following information from you:

  • 1-2 URLs
  • keywords
  • Short description of your company

What are white hat backlinks?

“White hat backlinks” refers to the practice of building backlinks for a website using ethical and search engine compliant methods. In the field of search engine optimization (SEO), there are basically three categories of methods: white hat, grey hat, and black hat.

White Hat SEO (method compliant)

White Hat SEO follows search engine guidelines and relies on ethical practices. The main goals are to provide high-quality content, provide optimal user experience and acquire natural backlinks. The backlinks built through White Hat SEO practices come from legitimate, high-quality sources.

Characteristics of White Hat Backlinks

White hat backlinks are created naturally through quality content and a positive online presence. Backlinks are attracted through informative, relevant and unique content. Websites rely on quality to be valuable resources for their target audiences. The methods used to build backlinks are transparent, ethical and compliant with search engine guidelines. White hat backlinks are created over time due to the relevance and quality of the website. No deception or manipulative practices are used.

Examples of white hat backlinks include guest posts on high-quality websites, referrals from recognized industry experts, social media recommendations, and other organically acquired links. White hat SEO is long-term focused and aims to achieve sustainable growth and positive results in search results without violating search engine guidelines.