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professional SEO in Mannheim – SEO agency for your success! We as SEO agency Mannheim are specialized in making your website visible on Google. We support you in link building, in the creation of high-quality content and the on-page optimization of your website.

What is search engine optimization?

“Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) is the abbreviation for Search Engine optimization in German. These are various strategies and techniques designed to make a website more visible in the organic (unpaid) search engine results of search engines such as Google.

The intention of SEO is to drive higher, high-quality traffic to a website and ultimately increase conversions. 

This is an important part of digital marketing and requires ongoing monitoring and adjustment as search engine algorithms are constantly changing.

We take care of all the search engine optimization measures for your website. Contact us and book a free initial consultation.

seo agency mannheim search engine optimization

OnPage SEO meaning

The optimization OnPage is an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO). It includes all measures that are taken directly on the website. This makes it possible to make your own site more appealing to search engines and users. This is not just about improving the technical structure, but also about optimizing the content of the website. Here are a few things to consider when optimizing OnPage. 

Each subpage of a website should focus on a specific keyword or keyword phrase. The title, meta description, headings and the text itself should contain this keyword. But what are Meta Tags actually? This information is contained in the HTML code of a web page and allows search engines to provide additional information about the page. This includes the title tag (which appears in the search results) and the meta description (which provides a brief overview of the page for search engines and users).

It is important that the content on each page is clear, informative and relevant to the keywords. This will not only help the page rank high in search results, but will also help keep visitors on the page and eventually convert. A well-constructed URL with the keyword can create a better spot in search results for a page.

You can help users find relevant information and increase their time on your website by using internal links from one page to another.

For more information on OnPage optimization, see our Blog.

For successful on-page optimization, it is important that the user is always the focus – a website that is useful, user-friendly and interesting for people also receives positive search engine ratings.

OffPage optimization by SEO agency Mannheim

All SEO activities that are carried out outside of your own website to increase the ranking in the search engine results are called OffPage optimization. It is mainly associated with Backlinks to build and maintain, but is also important in other areas. We have briefly summarized some essential elements of off-page optimization here.

link building and Backlinks: This aspect of off-page optimization is probably the one you are most familiar with. Backlinks are links from other websites to your own website. Search engines view these links as a kind of recommendation and generally give websites with numerous high-quality backlinks a higher rating. The quality of the links plays a crucial role: a link from a reputable, thematically relevant site has a higher weight than many links from less strong sites.

Social Media Backlinks: Social media links are usually defined as "nofollow" and thus have no direct impact on search engine rankings. Nevertheless, a strong social media presence can help increase visibility and awareness of a brand or website. When users share your content in their networks, the likelihood that others will visit your website and link to it increases.

Local SEO: Directory entries (e.g. Google My Business) as well as positive customer reviews on platforms such as Yelp or TripAdvisor can be crucial for off-page optimization for companies with a local focus.

Off-page optimization often takes more time and patience than on-page optimization because it depends on links to other websites. However, it is a significant factor in improving the ranking and visibility of a website. We have all the necessary contacts with publishers and have more than 30.000 backlink websites in our portfolio. Contact Us for a free initial consultation.

How does Google evaluate high-quality backlinks?

Google evaluates backlinks using different criteria to determine their quality and relevance. These criteria can change over time as Google is constantly updating its algorithms. We have listed some of the most important aspects that Google takes into account when assessing the quality of a backlink here.

Typically, a backlink contains quality content that is true to the content of the referring site. Google also judges links based on their authority, which depends in part on the number and quality of the sites linking to them. Typically, a link from a site that is authoritative is considered more valuable than a link from a less authoritative site.

Google can provide information about what the linked page is about through the visible text of a link, also known as anchor text. A thematic match of the anchor text with the linked page and the use of natural language can increase the value of the backlink.

Pay attention to the variety of link sources. If all backlinks of a website come from one and the same page, Google could see this as manipulation. A variety of backlinks from different sources are considered more natural and valuable. With us you get links from different sources. We offer you premium backlinks from international sites or hundreds of German backlinks