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Explainer videos for your company - buy professional explainer films

Many companies purchase a customized Explanatory videoto present their goods or services clearly and convince potential customers. LikeMeASAP offers you high quality explanatory videos for your company. You can buy professional explanatory videos from us. Win new customers with a professional explanatory video. Let us now Create an explainer videoThe result of our videos is unique and impressive, an exact reflection of your brand that you can be proud of.

Do you have a website with a lot of text? Do you want a video to explain the functions of your website? Do you want to present your goods or services? We can provide you with your own personal video. We know how to do it. Present your services or goods in a high-quality video. We will take your viewers on a journey that triggers emotions.

Buy explainer videos - What we offer you!

We offer animated explainer videos that allow you to communicate complex topics in an understandable way. Your visitors can better understand your products and services with the help of an explainer video. We transform your ideas into a unique video that uses moving images.

Explainer videos are an effective tool in modern online marketing. They offer a concise and clear way to present complex products and services in an understandable way. Many companies therefore decide to have an explainer video created in order to efficiently reach and convince their target group.

The explainer video production process begins with a free initial consultation. During this consultation, your specific needs and goals can be discussed to ensure that the final product is tailored exactly to your requirements. Our explainer video agency works closely with the client to develop a customized solution. Our explainer videos are ideal for distribution across various channels, including social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn offer ideal opportunities to maximize the reach of the video and reach a wide audience.

A professionally produced explainer video is a worthwhile investment. It helps to increase the visibility and understanding of your products and services and can be a decisive factor for success in online marketing.

We offer:

  • A high-quality unique video at a fixed price

  • A high quality

  • Animations that inspire your customers

  • Videos in German or English

  • Personal support before and after your order

  • Transparent prices for individual explanatory videos, be it for online marketing, knowledge transfer, social media or internal communication

Now your unique Buy explainer video. Order your individual video today in our shop. If you have any questions, please contact us via the Contact form

What is an explainer video?

Here we would like to first discuss what a explanatory film is and what it should help you with. Explanatory videos or explanatory films are an excellent way and solution for your company to visualize complex issues and present them in an understandable way. They serve to reduce complexity, create closeness and enable identification with the company.

Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular with companies because they offer numerous advantages. You can find various offers at reasonable prices with us. We don't charge 5000 euros for an explainer video.

With us you get animatedexplanatoryfilms****2DWe believe that these videos evoke the most emotions in customers and are a perfect eye-catcher for any website.

Explainer videos are particularly suitable for explaining and illustrating specific products or topics in a more understandable way. Every customer wants their product to be understood quickly without detailed text. Our animated videos can be used for all products or services.

We create exciting films and ensure that your topic or product is understood as best as possible. Present your product or service in an attractive way for customers.

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Buy explainer videos - Advantages of an explainer video

Images evoke emotions in your customers. There are also no limits to the design. Let us discuss your ideas and see how we can ideally implement them in a 2D video. Explainer videos can be found everywhere these days because they are really useful and attract attention from your customers. You can also use short explainer videos for online ads to present your company. A short video in a Facebook or Google ad will attract your customers' attention. Stand out from the crowd. It's worth it.

Explainer videos offer a number of other benefits for businesses, organizations and educational institutions. Here are some of the key benefits of explainer videos:

Explainer videos make it possible to explain complex concepts, products or services in a clear and entertaining way. Even difficult topics become easier to understand through visual representations. Moving images and appealing animations attract more attention from the audience than pure text. People tend to watch a short video rather than read long texts.

Studies have shown that visual content is better remembered than text alone. Explainer videos have the potential to improve the communication of information and to consolidate the memory of the viewer. In addition, videos lead to a Increasing conversion rates. Explainer videos can convince potential customers of a product or service and increase the chance of a purchase. By clearly communicating the advantages and benefits, they can increase the interest of your target audience wake up.

We create exciting and well-made explainer videos for a fixed price. Our experts ensure that your topic is presented in an entertaining and professional manner. We will captivate your viewers with an appealing presentation. Overall, explainer videos offer an effective way to convey information, increase the engagement of the target group and improve a company's communication. They are versatile and can have a positive influence on the success of companies.

Buy explainer videos - Advantages of an explainer video

An effective explainer video conveys complex topics within a time span of 60-180 seconds. We have found that a shortened explainer video is usually better than an infinitely long one. Viewers will usually shift their focus elsewhere after 120 seconds.

The video should also be designed to be effective and attractive so that it brings real benefits to your customers and your company. An attractive and professional design of your video will not only attract the attention of your customers, but also increase their interest in working with you.

A short video on your website is not only an eye-catcher and a great way to better present a topic, it also ensures that people spend more time on your site. When explanatory videos are published on a website, the length of time visitors stay can be increased. Visitors spend more time watching the video on the website. This increases the likelihood of conversions and interactions.

Our videos also help you achieve greater engagement on social media. Videos are shared and liked more often on social media than plain text. Explainer videos have the potential to go viral and thus achieve greater reach and visibility.

The script of your explainer video

The script contains the flow of your video. You can compare it to a script for a film. This is the most important process. Sufficient time should be invested in preparing and gathering your ideas. A well-written script should take the following aspects into account.

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What message do you want to convey?

  • Why should your target audience choose your product over others?

  • What are the main problems your product solves?

  • What benefits do you offer your customers?

  • What product details would you like to explain in your video?

  • Do you want customers to call you, subscribe to your newsletter, download something from your site (Call-to-Action CTA)?

Nobody knows your product or service as well as you do. That's why we always recommend that you write a rough draft of the script first. We will then discuss it and give you advice and our professional opinion. If you don't want to write the script for your explainer video yourself, we will be happy to do it for you. 

More tips for the right script for your animated explainer video:

  •  Use simple wording

  • Don't use too much technical jargon.

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your target group

  • The explanation of your content should be understandable even to a child

What are you waiting for? Order your explainer video still today.

Why you should buy an explainer video

Clarity and comprehensibility: Explainer videos can present complex concepts and information in a clear and understandable way, making it easier to understand difficult topics.

clarity: By using visual elements such as graphics, animations and illustrations, explanatory videos can convey information clearly, making it easier to understand.

Addressing short attention spans: In today's fast-paced world, most people have short attention spans. Explainer videos are able to convey information quickly and succinctly, increasing the likelihood that viewers will watch to the end.

Emotional connection: By using stories, characters or emotionally engaging content, explainer videos can create a stronger emotional connection with viewers.

Multimedia elements: Explainer videos can combine different media elements such as text, graphics, animations, music and voice to provide a rich and varied learning experience.

Wide range: Because explainer videos can be shared online, they have the potential to reach a large number of people, regardless of their location.

Recognition value: A well-designed explainer video with a memorable style can help your brand or message be better remembered.

Improved SEO and online presence: Videos are highly rated by search engines like Google. Incorporating explainer videos on your website can therefore lead to better visibility in search results.

Flexibility: Explainer videos can be used for a variety of purposes, including employee training, product promotion, customer support, or educational content.

Time saving: Instead of searching through extensive written documents, viewers can quickly get the information they need from an explainer video.

In summary, explainer videos provide an effective way to convey information, capture viewers’ attention, and present complex content in an understandable way.

Have we convinced you that an explainer video can give your company an advantage? Then you can now order your Buy explainer video